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Better Together Editing Co. has been the biggest lifesaver in my business! Haylee took the time to get on an in-depth call with me, go through allll the nitty-gritty details to really understand my style and the help I needed, and it was just clear from day one that she genuinely cares about me and my business! I've worked with editors in the past and it always felt just like a financial transaction but never like a team member who truly wanted to help my business thrive - Better Together Editing Co. has been exactly that. Supportive, efficient, timely, and super accurate with editing! They nailed it within the first few galleries and I knew I'd want to work with them for the long haul! Naturally, as a photographer, I'm picky with editing, so it was really reassuring to know that they got my style right away and are still always open to getting feedback with each new gallery! Truly can't thank Haylee and Gavyn enough for helping take such a load off in my business and give me LIFE back. I hope to work with them for years and years - as long as they'll have me! <3 So thankful for them and their support!

Better editing co is AMAZING! Hiring Haylee and her husband has helped us spend less time editing and more time really getting to serve our clients in our business. We've also been able to spend more time doing things we love outside of work :)

Haylee communicates SO WELL and is extremely timely with getting things back to us. They are very proactive to making sure they learn your style well using the feedback you give.

Seriously, if you're tired of editing galleries HIRE BETTER TOGETHER EDITING CO! Easily one of the best decisions we've ever made for our business.

I literally could not recommend Haylee enough no matter how hard I tried!! I have her cull + edit our team's wedding galleries, and I feel like she is inside my brain- each one is PERFECTION. And it has been from the start!! From someone who struggles with giving up control, I've never been so at peace and so confident with an outsourcing decision. Get your time back and give your trust to Haylee!! Best decision you'll ever make for you and your business

If you are looking for an editor for your business - STOP LOOKING AND HIRE HAYLEE! You won't regret it! She's quick to respond to emails, she's thoughtful in her responses, and cares a lot about serving you well! She has done a fantastic job matching my style and editing whole catalogs perfectly for me! She is extremely affordable and has saved me SO much time and money already!!!

She also has a FANTASTIC step by step walk through PDF when you get started that really helps you with the process! She will personally walk you through any questions too but the PDF is just amazing! Her attention to detail and her sweet personality and professionalism is just what I needed to feel comfortable AND confident outsourcing my editing!

Haylee is beautiful inside and out and I'm SO SO thankful I found her on Instagram! I was nervous at first to let go of editing- but after our first call together, emailing with her, and having her edit that first trial session for me - I was BLOWN AWAY!! Do yourself a favor and TRUST THIS WOMEN with your photos!! shes worth every penny and I will continue to use her amazing services indefinitely!

Where do I even begin?? The Better Together Editing Co. goes above and BEYOND my expectations every single time. I simply do not know what I would do without them!!!! 
Their response time and gallery delivery time is fast & efficient. Truly, they have given me my summers back by taking SO MUCH stress off my shoulders!!! 
Cannot recommend them enough!!! 🫶🏼

Haylee is the absolute BEST. She's saved me from having stress panic attacks every day. So grateful I have somebody to help ease the load. Would recommend her in a HEART BEAT.

Haylee is an angel. She’s not only a fantastic editor, but acts as a true friend. Seriously don’t know what I would do without her!! A few benefits I’ve gotten from working with Better Together Editing Co:
-more TIME!! Time to work on my business. Spend time with my family. Go on a walk gosh dang it. & so much more!!
-a more consistent photo turnaround time 
-freedom from feeling that I have to “control” everything
Best investment I’ve ever made for myself. THANK YOU Haylee!!

My girl Haylee is amazing, She's helped take so many hats off of me as a business owner and a mom that I can now put my edits in her handstand spend more time being the mother I need to be and handle all the other things a photography business requires. I am so so so thankful I found her and have her on my team.

Haylee is incredible to work with and has been the most incredible asset to have on our team! She has quick turn around times and is so eager to make sure that you are happy with your results. I'd definitely recommend Haylee to any growing photographers that are ready to bring on help with their editing!

Haylee saved me in 2021 by taking the load off my shoulders to edit all of my Weddings so that I could maintain a better work life balance and avoid burnout from the job I love so much. I am a photographer, not necessarily and editor. So handing this off and trusting her to deliver a catalog that met my expectations was huge!

Highly recommend using Haylee for any editing outsourcing you need! From the first communications to the final product- Haylee constantly went above and beyond! She is super helpful throughout the entire process & her turn around time is so quick! I am so thankful for her and if you're looking for an editor, Haylee is your girl!

I am SO happy I hired Haylee. She is amazing and the one wedding she has edited for me looks perfect. I have a very very busy fall coming up with lots of weddings and knowing she will be there to help me puts my mind at ease. Because of her, I am able to focus more on my clients and marketing my business. Thank you Haylee!

Haylee has absolutely been a lifesaver for my business. Coming into the new year, I new that I needed to outsource with someone that I trusted with my precious clients and their photos. I immediately got the best vibes. I look forward to a long lasting business relationship with my new editor! Thank you Haylee for taking one huge weight off my shoulders.

I cannot recommend this team enough. Their attention to detail from the very beginning was amazing! Haylee truly listened to me on our initial zoom call. I got to see her face to face and ask any questions I had. She was more than helpful and eased my nerves about outsourcing. Her kindness is one of my favorite things about her - but not just that. The galleries I receive from this team match my style better than I could have imagined. From the first gallery I knew I would continue working with her for as long as she'll have me. I'm so blown away with how much this looks like my work. Haylee and Gavyn have given me back hours and hours of time I used to spend editing so I can prioritize other important tasks in both my business and personal life. They are extremely talented. I'd recommend them to ANYONE.

The Best ever!!! Extremely efficient and right on point with matching our editing style! Love love love!!!!

Hiring Haylee has literally given me my life back!! I spent all of 2021 drowning in galleries and felt like my life would be like that forever - but now I actually have time to lay out by the pool on a Tuesday?! What?! Insane!

Not to mention that Haylee's onboarding process is so easy and she hits the nail on the head when it comes to finding your style - there was truly no learning curve on either end. I recommend her to any and every photographer that's looking to get their life back and find better balance with their workflows.

Oh and did I mention that she can get a gallery back in three days. THREE DAYS?! Incredible!!

You are silly not to hire Better Together Editing Co.!

Where do I even start! Before I hired Haylee to help me with my editing I was simply drowning. I had so many sessions and little time to edit. I was so nervous just because my favorite part of my job is editing and I have such a specific way I want it done I didn't think anyone could do it but me. In the end, I just could not keep up with it. Another Photographer told me "How are you suppose to grow your business if I don't have time", she explained that we cant wear all the hats and do everything. So..... I looked into it, Haylee was the first editor I came across and she responded within 24hrs! I explained to her that I was nervous and not sure if I even wanted to do it. We jump on a call and she explained her whole process to me and insure me that if I didn't like anything to let her know. She had a trial for 100 photos so I jump headfirst and just sent her a wedding to edit lol! She did Amazing !!!! After that, there was no turning back. In the end, I still edit the sneak peeks and she just edits the rest. At the end of every gallery, I critique her (witch is typically nothing) then I am on to the next.
Seriously this is hands down one of the best decisions I have made for my business and family. I have enough time for family and more time to focus on my business! I am so excited that I get to work with Haylee and if you are in the same situation You should do it and you won’t regret it. Haylee is Seriously the best, sweet, nice, and doe amazing work. Could not be happier!!! PS: also forgot to mention she made my turnaround time for the wedding go from 8 to 10 weeks to 2 to 3 weeks !!!!! That is just amazing !!!!















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